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MSc, PG Dip, MBPsS,UKCP reg

Are you struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, or confusion?
Do you often feel sad or angry without fully knowing why?
Are you experiencing problems within an important relationship, or do you feel you might be going through a challenging life transition?
I offer a confidential, warm, engaging therapeutic opportunity where, together, we can begin to make sense of things.
Contact me now so that we can arrange your free initial telephone consultation.


"You can't stop the waves
but you can learn how to surf"

Jon Kabat-Zinn


I'm a qualified integrative psychotherapist in Brighton and Hove. I work compassionately, mindfully, and with respect for the whole person.

Maybe you're here because you're feeling unhappy, disconnected, or uncertain. Perhaps you're not sure if your current path is the right one for you. You might be feeling lost, overwhelmed, or like the same old problems are getting in the way of your happiness, security, or clarity.
However you're feeling and whatever is happening for you, I am here to help.
Offering an integrative, relational therapy grounded in evidence-based treatment, my clinical stance is rooted in core psychological and interpersonal elements which include clients' early life experiences, close relationships, coping strategies, and innate capacities for positive change. 
Working together will involve various helpful and effective processes such as receiving support, locating insight, growing on the inside, healing wounds, and discovering healthier, more flexible ways of being and living. I believe that a collaborative, appropriately challenging, and fundamentally affirming therapeutic relationship is most effective when it comes to addressing emotional, mental, and behavioural difficulties.
I am an experienced, empathic therapist with a profound interest and belief in your uniqueness and potential.

Two Dried Leaves


I have experience working within a range of settings with people who are living with various challenges including depression, drug addiction, anxiety, gender and sexuality issues, trauma, bereavement, relationship difficulties, and loss. I work privately with individuals and with groups. I also deliver wellbeing training for organisations through the Brighton Wellbeing Company.

I have an MSc in Psychology, a Diploma in Integrative Psychodynamic Counselling and a Clinical Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy.

I am a full clinical member of the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy).​

I'm fully insured and abide by the ethical standards of the BACP, UKCP and the BPS (British Psychological Society).


My work is one-to-one, face to face, and with adults

I offer both short-term counselling and longer-term individual psychotherapy


Daytime appointments are available Monday-Thursday.

Call me now or click to book your free initial telephone consultation.

Sessions cost £60 and last for 60 minutes.

As a therapist, I focus on being actively supportive. I don't believe in sitting back and letting you do all the hard work. Instead I am engaged with you and what you are bringing in a way aiming to promote openness, non-judgement, and healing potential.


Some people can understandably feel a little uncertain about the process of therapy. Therapy works by you attending each session with an open mind and simply talking about whatever feels important or weighs heaviest on your heart. Sometimes these things might not always appear to directly relate to the issue you initially contacted me about. Such detours or 'hidden' thoughts can often turn out to form an essential part of our work together. There is nothing too big or too small for your therapy hour.
It is most helpful to come each week at the same time which also facilitates the  important therapeutic processes taking place inside and outside our appointments.
During the first session you will have the opportunity to talk fully about what has brought you to therapy. It is a chance for us to find out if we are a good ‘fit’ and to discuss how we might work together most effectively.
We will then meet each week until you feel ready to end. The time it takes to reach this point varies greatly according to a variety of factors. In my experience it usually takes upward of 12 or more sessions to begin to see improvements with many common issues such as anxiety or mild depression, with more complex or chronic problems like trauma or personality difficulties taking longer to address. You will know when it feels right to end, and we will talk about this together when that time comes.
Therapy is an opportunity to talk openly and honestly about what's on your mind. Simply talking to someone who is holding you in mind with compassion, non-judgement, and understanding can bring enormous benefits. It also provides a chance to receive useful insights about yourself and your problems. I work by developing a safe, empathic, therapeutic relationship which is consistent, boundaried, and reliable. Through exploring together those aspects which might feel most difficult, awkward, or painful, a space naturally opens up where you can begin to feel happier in your own skin. This can offer you an opportunity to live your life more fully feeling lighter, more grounded, and 'whole'.



Brunswick Counselling Centre, 14 Brunswick Place, Hove, BN3 1NA

07590 506 567


[After going through a divorce] "Thank you for being there. You helped me keep it all together and to not lose sight of myself, or the boys"

"Coming here meant I started to feel less alone in my head. I've always struggled with thoughts about going mad. But you've made me realise that lots of people feel like I do sometimes, and talking with someone who understands my panic and anxiety has helped a lot."

"Although it felt hard at first to talk about how I was feeling, after a while we got to the thing that was probably really upsetting me, deep down. I'd felt so quietly ashamed for years, I never knew it was having such a big effect on me. I felt something begin to change from this point on and, for the first time, it's like I've got something I can hold onto which can help me through all the ups and downs."

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